• Tax Notes publications are a unique national resource on the vital topic of the United States tax system.

    Tanina Rostain and Milton C. Regan, Jr. in book Confidence Games, MIT Press, 2014
  • Tax Notes is the definitive publication on national and global tax issues.

    Gretchen Morgenson from The New York Times
  • Tax Notes is a must have for every tax professional.

    Nick Kokis Attorney & Principal, Kokis & Associates, P.C.

What experts say about us

  • Lee Sheppard Portrait
    Lee Sheppard

    Where else can you catch both the latest on a tax shelter and hear some cultural commentary about the Hamptons?

    Professor Victor Fleischer Tax specialist at University of San Diego
  • Marty Sullivan Portrait
    Marty Sullivan

    He was able to take complicated ideas and explain them to members of Congress in a way that wasn't talking down.

    Mark Mazur Assistant Secretary of Treasury
  • Mindy Herzfeld Portrait
    Mindy Herzfeld

    Mindy did a brilliant job summarizing issues related to Killer B transactions and telling the story of the IRS responses over the years.

    Jared DunkinGlobal Head of Tax, CEB
  • Billy Hamilton Portrait
    Billy Hamilton

    My week is not complete until I've read Billy's column.

    Frank ShafrothDirector of the Center for State and Local Leadership, George Mason University, adjunct professor in public policy, George Washington University

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a subscription cost?

    Tax Notes offers a wide array of products, including federal, state and local, and international tax news, commentary, and analysis (available both online and in print), as well as select research tools. We offer our products for sale through our website here, where you may purchase single-user subscriptions. If you need help finding out which products are best for you and your team, you may contact us by clicking here, calling (800) 955-2444, or emailing us at products@taxnotes.com.

  • How often do you publish?

    Our online services publish daily, and our print publications are delivered on either a weekly or monthly basis (depending on the publication).

  • Who are your typical customers?

    Tax Notes serves a wide variety of customers from many industries, including multi-national corporations, law firms from large to small, the Big Four and super-regional accounting firms, federal and state governments, nonprofit organizations, and universities and institutions of higher education.

  • How do I access my subscription?

    Tax Notes customers may access online services by computer, tablet, and mobile phone. Print magazines may be delivered in print or PDF, and are also accessible via an online flipbook.

  • Who is Tax Analysts?

    Tax Analysts is a mission-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect the integrity of tax systems. Tax Analysts is also the publisher of Tax Notes, a subscription-based portfolio of services that offers federal, state, and international tax news, commentary, and analysis, as well as select research tools.

  • Do you provide tax advice?

    Tax Analysts does not provide tax advice or preparation services.

  • How do I submit an article?

    To submit an article, click here and follow the directions. Good luck!

  • Can I promote my conference, event, or business?

    We are happy to offer a variety of opportunities for promotion, including print, online, and direct mail. You can find out more information here.