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Student Paper Submission

For questions or interest regarding submissions, please contact:

Inquiries regarding potential articles:
Please enter a title for your submission.
Please include all co-authors.
Please submit a one to three sentence summary of your article.
Image requirements: 4"x5", 300 dpi, no greater than 1MB in size per image.
Allowed file types: jpg tiff tif png eps.
Please upload both the final version of your manuscript and a blind version of your manuscript that does not include any identifying information (i.e., please remove from one copy the author’s name, school, etc.).
Allowed file types: doc docx.
Please upload any charts or graphs as Microsoft Excel documents (Microsoft Word is also acceptable). Also please use this box to upload any images you would like published with your article.
Allowed file types: doc docx jpg gif tiff tif png xls xlsx eps.