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Biography of Christopher E. Bergin

Christopher E. Bergin
Christopher E. Bergin

Christopher E. Bergin began his career in tax publishing at Prentice Hall in the 1980s and joined Tax Analysts in 1991 as editor of the company’s flagship magazine, Tax Notes. In 2001 he became president and publisher of Tax Analysts. After steering the company through financial challenges early in his tenure, he presided over a long period of sustained growth, during which he oversaw the construction of a new building in Falls Church, Virginia, and established Tax Notes and the company’s other publications as the “papers of record” for tax policy and practice. Bergin died in November 2017.

Bergin was dedicated to improving the nation’s tax administration and believed that all U.S. citizens have the right to be fully informed about the tax laws affecting their lives. As an editor, he drove his staff to investigate and report on both abusive tax planning and overreaching enforcement. As CEO, he organized conferences and debate forums to increase the transparency of tax laws. Bergin’s mission — still the goal of Tax Analysts today — was to foster a free, open, and informed discussion about taxation.

As a leader, Bergin believed Tax Analysts’ success grew from the collaborative spirit of its staff, and he encouraged cross-departmental teamwork and broke down institutional barriers. He was as dedicated to Tax Analysts’ employees as he was to the work we produce.