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Article Submission, Contributor Guidelines - Tax Notes

Submission Guidelines

  1. Articles should be a minimum of 1,500 words.
  2. Articles should be attached as Word files. Charts and tables should be attached as Excel files. Include the author's phone.
  3. For all submissions, include a one- or two-sentence biography of the author(s) and a brief summary of the article (maximum one paragraph).
  4. For specific information regarding individual publications, including where to send submissions and letters to the editor, please see the submissions page.
  5. Download submission guidelines and FAQs in PDF form.
  6. Download the Tax Notes Commentary Team’s Guide for Writing Effectively here.

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Tax Notes Contributor FAQs

I. General Inquires

Q. What type of subject matter does Tax Notes* consider for publication?
A. We will review any tax-related articles written from a legal, accounting, economic, or policy perspective. We generally do not publish articles in which tax is not the primary theme.

Q. Where do I submit an article?
A. Please submit all articles on the submissions page.

Q. What is Tax Notes' general citation style?
A. We use a modified version of The Bluebook Uniform System of Citations.

Q. Can I use footnotes, endnotes, or reference lists?
A. Footnotes are used for all citations and references.

Q. Will Tax Notes consider a revised version of a previously published article?
A. Our reprint policy prohibits publication of articles that have appeared elsewhere. However, the editors may consider articles that have been substantially revised.

Q. Do you accept student papers?
A. Each year we hold a student writing competition where current students are able to submit their articles for a chance to be published in one of Tax Analysts’ weekly magazines. We also may review articles from students with work experience or who coauthor an article with a professor or practitioner.

II. Review Process

Q. May I submit an abstract or early draft for preliminary review?
A. No. We will review an article only after the author has affirmatively declared that it is a final draft. If you want to discuss an idea or a draft please contact the Acquisitions Team.

Q. How long is your review process?
A. We may take up to two weeks from the date of submission to review an article and make the initial decision on publication. If an updated draft is submitted during that time, the time for review will restart from the date of that updated submission.

Q. Will I receive feedback on my article after the initial review process is complete?
A. We generally don't provide substantive feedback for accepted or rejected articles. However, occasionally we may suggest that an author revise an article and resubmit it.

III. Publication Process

Q. What if I need to update my article while its publication is pending?
A. If an event development occurs that requires significant revision of an article (i.e. new law, case rulings, etc.)  authors should immediately notify the specific magazine editors. We reserve the right to change an article's publication date if necessary. Minor changes may be made during the galley review process.

Q. How long does it generally take to get an article published? 
A. All scheduling decisions are based on our magazine needs, the length of the article, and the timeliness of the subject matter. 

Q. What kinds of changes can I expect to my article? 
A. Our editors make changes consistent with our internal style guidelines, formatting constraints and readability issues, and check for errors of fact and law.

A. Do you provide a redline or blackline with the page proofs or galleys? 
A. No. 

Q. Will I need to sign a copyright agreement, and if so, may I retain copyright? 
A. All authors must sign a copyright agreement before publication, and may choose to retain copyright. Any delay in the completion of the copyright agreement may delay or prevent publication of the article. 

Q. May I post my article on or another free website (such as that of my own organization) while its publication in Tax Notes is pending?
A. Our reprint policy prohibits publication of articles anywhere else before publication. See final question under General Inquiries.

IV. Post-Publication

Q. May I post my article on or another free website after it is published in Tax Notes? 
A. If Tax Notes has the copyright on an article, authors must submit a formal, written request here. Please provide as much specific information as possible regarding the article, including but not limited to title, author, publication date, and intended use.

If the author retains the copyright, he or she may republish or post the article elsewhere, but a courtesy e-mail notifying us before republication or posting is appreciated.

*Tax Notes generally refers to Tax Notes FederalTax Notes InternationalTax Notes State, and The Exempt Organization Tax Review.