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Coronavirus Tax Coverage

The Rhode Island Division of Taxation has adopted an emergency regulation providing withholding tax guidance for employers that have employees who are temporarily working remotely because of COVID-19; the regulation temporarily simplifies the tax withholding process for remote workers.
The New Jersey Department of the Treasury released a report to state legislators projecting revenue shortfalls for the remaining months of fiscal 2020 and through the end of fiscal 2021 because of COVID-19; fiscal 2021 revenue collections from the gross income tax, sales and use taxes, and the corporation business tax are projected to be lower than previously forecast by 22.2 percent, 14.2 percent, and 32 percent, respectively.
Vermont S. 344, signed into law as Act 102 in response to COVID-19, temporarily authorizes the legislative body of a municipality to extend or establish a new time and payment method for the municipal property tax and statewide education property tax collected by the municipality; decrease or waive penalties, interest, and fees imposed for late payments of the municipal property tax or statewide education property tax; and reduce the municipal property tax rate.
The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance released a notice advising taxpayers that pursuant to an executive order issued by the governor on May 21 in response to COVID-19, the department has extended until June 22, 2020, the abatement of interest on quarterly sales and use tax filings and payments with a March 20, 2020, due date.