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The Kansas House has amended and passed a comprehensive tax bill that would exempt global intangible low-taxed income from state taxation and impose sales tax collection obligations on remote sellers.

Practitioners are praising proposed regs on the foreign-derived intangible income provision for taking a comprehensive and reasonable approach, although some details may need to be further explained in final regs.

Tax professionals are avoiding state-devised charitable programs intended as state and local tax deduction cap workarounds for fear that clients who use them to claim state credits and the federal deduction for donations made after an IRS cutoff date might open themselves up to audits and penalties. 

J.B. Pritzker (D) has been sworn in as the 43rd governor of Illinois, and with a Democratic supermajority in both chambers, theoretical discussions of a graduated income tax have moved into the realm of reality.

While in recent decades women have attained some of the highest government positions, one of the first to break through Washington’s glass ceiling took over the Justice Department Tax Division almost a century ago.

Georgia’s rejected proposal to Amazon for the hand of its HQ2 offspring included a dowry of more than $2 billion in incentives, an exclusive lounge area for company executives in the Atlanta airport, the use of a dedicated car in the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority to distribute its products, and street naming rights.