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Tax Events & Conferences: Upcoming Events for Tax Professionals

Upcoming Events

MAY 31
Tax Analysts' Annual Student Writing Competition
Tax Analysts is pleased to announce the opening of its annual student writing competition for 2016.

Partnership Audits: Opportunities and Challenges
Join Tax Analysts and other leading authorities for a discussion on the important changes coming to partnership audits.

Previous Events

International Conference on Taxpayer Rights
The National Taxpayer Advocate of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service is convening the Inaugural International Conference on Taxpayer Rights in Washington, D.C. This ground breaking conference will explore how taxpayer rights globally serve as the foundation for effective tax administration.

What lies ahead for federal legislation affecting state taxation?
A distinguished panel will outline all pending federal legislation on state taxation and discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages of each – and the likelihood for passage. So, please join Reed Smith and Tax Analysts to gain invaluable insight and a better understanding of what you should expect this Fall.

Tax Transparency: The Good, The Bad, and The Future
Please join us for a panel discussion on whether the recent controversy about the IRS and transparency is causing public distrust in the agency. Is the IRS being wrongfully stoned by its critics?
Breakfast with Lee Sheppard
An interactive discussion with Lee Sheppard, one of the nation's most widely read and respected tax commentators.
APRIL 28-30
The Tax Reporting Group: 2015 Tax Reporting & Withholding Conference
This is our 29th year and there is more IRS reporting, new Form W-9 and Forms W-8 documentation and bigger penalties than ever before!