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The Exempt Organization Tax Review

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Frederick Stokeld
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Patrice Gay
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Editorial & Production Staff

Monica Anderson, Gary Aquino, Amanda Chan, Isabel Church, Craig Dubyk, Paul Doster, Nikki Ebert, Richard Farrell, Jack Frost, Alice Haar, Mary Ann Johnson, Sarah Karney, Bethany McCall, Kate Post, Hope Racine, Kristen Rethy, Kyle Shaw, Betsy Sherman, Fran Slimmer, Faith Smalls, Dieter Stach, Tara Taghizadeh, Steve Torregrossa.

Production Manager
Michelle Smith

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Stephanie Wynn

Senior Executive Editor, News
Chuck O'Toole

Executive Editor, Commentary
Jasper Smith

Chief Content Officer
Jeremey Scott

President and CEO
Cara Griffith

Thomas F. Field

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Correspondence regarding editorial matters should be sent to the attention of the Editor in Chief, The Exempt Organization Tax Review, 400 S. Maple Ave., Ste. 400, Falls Church VA 22046.

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If you would like to respond to anything you read in these pages, letters to the editor are always welcome. We also welcome unsolicited manuscripts or other items for possible publication.

Letters to the editor and manuscripts should be addressed to:

Frederick Stokeld, Editor in Chief
The Exempt Organization Tax Review
400 S. Maple Ave., Ste. 400
Falls Church VA 22046


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