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Tax Notes Commentary Editors' Wish List: Fall 2023-Winter 2024

Posted on Sep. 21, 2023

Once again, we invite tax experts to provide unique insight, analysis, and commentary on the most significant developments in tax this fall and winter.

Check out the topics sought by our commentary editors to inspire your next submission to Tax Notes.

Tax Notes Federal Editor in Chief Ariel Greenblum welcomes articles on the following topics:

  • partnerships and S corporations;

  • energy incentives;

  • Moore v. United States;

  • qualified business asset investment;

  • how the IRS is using or should use its newly allocated funds;

  • controversy;

  • debt instruments; and

  • estates, trusts, and gifts.

Tax Notes State Editor in Chief Audrey E.P. Pollitt is looking for articles on the following topics:

  • cryptocurrency, NFTs, and blockchain;

  • the CHIPS Act and SALT manufacturing incentives;

  • passthrough entity tax elections;

  • tax delinquency, the takings clause, and home equity theft;

  • reparations efforts funded by state and local tax;

  • tax policy initiatives that address the disproportionate impact of tax on communities with low socioeconomic status; and

  • AI's potential role in state and local taxation.

Tax Notes International Editor in Chief Jéanne Rauch-Zender would like to see articles on the following topics:

  • tax accounting and financial accounting – pillars 1 and 2;

  • transfer pricing;

  • U.N. tax agenda;

  • treaties;

  • cryptocurrency;

  • environmental and energy taxation;

  • developing countries; and

  • discriminatory tax policies and what to do about them.

Acquisitions & Engagement Editor in Chief Paige Jones is looking for experts to appear on our podcast and video series and discuss the following topics:

  • critical tax theory;

  • changes in corporate and partnership taxation;

  • interesting and unique career paths in tax;

  • recent trends in state tax; and

  • the 2023 filing season.

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