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Tax Notes Editors' Wish List: Fall/Winter 2022-2023

Posted on Oct. 14, 2022

We once again invite you to provide unique insight, analysis, and commentary on the most pressing developments and issues within the tax community this fall and winter. 

Check out the subjects our commentary editors are looking for in our magazines and on our digital platforms to spark your next submission to Tax Notes.

Tax Notes Federal Editor in Chief Ariel Greenblum is looking for articles on the following topics:

  • corporation taxation, including the new corporate alternative minimum tax, BEPS, and reorganizations;

  • partnership and other passthrough entity taxation;

  • dispute resolution and penalties;

  • debt instruments; and

  • estate, gift, and inheritance taxes.

Tax Notes State Editor in Chief Jéanne Rauch-Zender is looking for articles on the following topics:

  • environmental taxes;

  • marketplace facilitators;

  • carried interest;

  • e-commerce;

  • mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations;

  • audits; and

  • corporations and passthrough entities.

Tax Notes International Editor in Chief Cathleen Phillips is looking for articles on the following topics:

  • inflation and related tax issues;

  • transfer pricing;

  • ongoing developments with pillars 1 and 2;

  • environmental and healthcare taxation;

  • space exploration and taxation;

  • cryptocurrency; and

  • discriminatory tax policies and what to do about them.

Acquisitions & Engagement Editor in Chief Paige Jones is looking for experts to appear on our podcast and video series and discuss the following topics:

  • the child tax credit;

  • the future of the tax industry;

  • implementation of the AMT;

  • intricacies of recent celebrity tax disputes; and

  • tax havens.

Article submissions to all Tax Notes magazines are reviewed on a rolling basis. Our editors will review submissions on tax-related topics provided they are a final version and have not been published elsewhere. New issues of the magazines are available in print and online every week. 

For more information about the article submission and publication process, please visit our FAQs page or contact Click here to submit your article now!

The Tax Notes Talk podcast publishes every Friday, and our video series publishes once a month. For more information about our digital products, visit our multimedia page.

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