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Tax Notes editors, contributors, and other great minds weigh in on pressing issues in the world of tax. We are passionate about tax – and we’re not afraid to share our thoughts.


Tax Notes senior reporter Paul Jones talks with Richard C. Auxier, senior policy associate at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, about tax issues raised by the gig economy and how policymakers are working to address them.


Tax Notes State contributing editor Roxanne Bland discusses recent investigations into the abuse of tax incentives. Managing incentive programs without implementing guidelines, rules, and protocols to prevent abuse will continue to fail the states and taxpayers, she argues.
In this episode of Willis Weighs In, Benjamin M. Willis, Tax Notes Federal contributing editor, discusses carried interests with partnership tax expert Monte A. Jackel. Monte and Ben speculate on what the new regulations are expected to look like and provide their opinions on potential IRS overreaches likely to be overturned if potentially tenuous arguments are brought to court.