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Tax Analysts Continues Pursuit of Tax Policy Transparency With Tax Notes Research

April 23, 2021

Tax Analysts has continually been recognized for its tireless advocacy of transparency in tax systems worldwide. As part of that work, today Tax Analysts is proud to announce that it is replacing its Federal Research Library with a new and improved research platform, Tax Notes Research. This new platform is a federal tax law library that provides free access to the Internal Revenue Code, regulations, and many other primary source documents.

“We at Tax Analysts are focused on serving the tax community and the public by making research easy and accessible,” said President and CEO Cara Griffith. “Tax Notes Research represents a major investment of our time, money, and resources, and we believe the result was well worth the effort.”

In addition to offering free access to all federal tax law primary source documents, Tax Notes Research lets users browse and search from the same place, with a locator bar to help track your position in dense text. Code section pages show related resources and the text itself in the same view, and there is a hierarchical view of the code and regulations that can be accessed from anywhere on the platform via the drawer tool. The new and improved advanced search lets users make search decisions upfront, including the selection of document types, code sections, and much more. Tax Notes Research also offers suggested search results as you type, plus improved retrieval by citation — and search results are grouped by document type. All primary source documents can be accessed via permanent links that are easily shared.

While all of the above are accessible to the general public completely free, Tax Notes Research also offers many other features that are available only to paid subscribers, including a subscriber resources box found on code section pages with related news and commentary; document summaries written by Tax Analysts for many types of documents; access to state codes and regulations; a document comparison tool to quickly see redline versions; the ability to save favorites, create alerts, and save searches; and the most significant recent documents highlighted on the Tax Notes Research home page.

“Tax Notes Research helps deliver on the ongoing commitment to the United States and world at large that Tax Analysts will continue fighting for transparency and informed debate in tax policy and administration,” said Tom Evans, chair of the Tax Analysts board of directors. “We will continue to make important federal tax law documents available to all who need them, in many cases without any fees or charges whatsoever.”

For questions or to speak with someone at Tax Analysts, please contact Stephen Roberts at or 703-533-4635.

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