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Oral Argument in Culp v. Commissioner

Posted on Mar. 7, 2023

Guest blogger Anna Gooch brings us this alert.

The oral argument in Culp v. Commissioner before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals will be part of today’s oral argument calendar beginning at 9:00 AM Eastern Time. One case is listed ahead of Culp. The arguments will be livestreamed here.

Keith discussed the case in February, and Carl Smith has written several posts on this case as well, including here and here. The Culps filed an untimely petition with the Tax Court, which dismissed their case for lack of jurisdiction. This dismissal occurred before the recent Hallmark decision. The Culps appealed, arguing that equitable tolling should apply and that they are entitled to a refund. They stated that they never received the Notice of Deficiency and furthermore, when they contacted the Taxpayer Advocate Service for assistance, they were told that no Notice of Deficiency was issued.

Carl and Keith, along with Audrey Patten of the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School, wrote an amicus brief on behalf of the Center for Taxpayer Rights. Because the Culps were pro se and their brief did not fully address the issues, the court asked the amicus to participate in the oral argument. Keith will argue today on behalf of the Center for Taxpayer Rights. Pro bono counsel Oliver Roberts of Jones Day will be arguing for the Culps.

Once it is available, I will post a link to the recording.

Update: the oral argument recording may be found here: direct link; main landing page.

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