Tax Notes Federal

Tax Notes Federal

Tax Notes Federal is an annual subscription to a weekly print or online magazine featuring expert commentary, analysis, and special reports on federal tax issues.

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  • "[Tax Notes...] publications are a unique national resource on the vital topic of the United States tax system."

    Tanina Rostain and Milton C. Regan, Jr.

    Confidence Games, MIT Press, 2014

- Coverage and analysis of federal tax law changes and policy shifts — often months before they happen - Cutting-edge special reports and insightful commentary from experts like Tax Analysts' own Martin Sullivan and Lee Sheppard - Full coverage of FATCA news and analysis, including an always up-to-date IGA chart - A vast collection of searchable source documents, including IRS regulations, the Internal Revenue Manual, Treasury decisions, and opinions from the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Tax Court, and many other district and appellate courts

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