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Tax Practice Expert is an annual subscription to a weekly update with news, analysis, and primary source documents related to federal taxation, intended for tax practitioners who are focused on individuals and small businesses.
  • IRS Round Up section includes primary source IRS documents including news releases, fact sheets, announcements, procedures, rulings, actions on decisions, legal memoranda, techincal assistance, chief counsel notices, and other documents
  • Court Round Up section (every other week) includes primary source court documents including court opinions from the Tax Court, district courts, and circuit courts
  • Special Topics section (alternating with Court Round Up) includes a practice article or special report on federal tax issues
  • “Tax Notes is a must have for every tax professional.”

    Nick Kokis Attorney & Principal , Kokis & Associates, P.C.
  • "[Tax Notes...] publications are a unique national resource on the vital topic of the United States tax system."

    Tanina Rostain and Milton C. Regan, Jr. Confidence Games, MIT Press, 2014