The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: A Practitioner's Resource


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Tax Notes is proud to present a resource for practitioners wrestling with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Contributing editor Carrie Brandon Elliot has written a collection of articles that offers a thorough explanation of topics such as foreign tax credits, subpart F, PFICs, and the oil and gas industry. Readers will gain a better understanding of the law and how it applies to their clients.
This collection contains the following articles:
  • The TCJA’s Effect on Foreign Tax Credits
  • How the TCJA Has Changed Subpart F
  • The TCJA’s Effect on PFICs and Controlled Foreign Corporations
  • The TCJA and Capital Gains
  • The TCJA and Indefinite Reinvestment Assertions
  • The TCJA and U.S. Real Estate Investments by Foreign Persons
  • The TCJA and Passive Income: Mixed Incentives
  • The TCJA’s New Revenue Recognition Timing Test
  • The TCJA’s Tax Accounting Challenges
  • The TCJA’s Fourth-Quarter Playbook for Filers
  • The TCJA’s Effects on Oil and Gas Investments
  • The TCJA’s Bargain With Insurance Companies