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Tax Notes Select is a one-time purchase giving you access to a handpicked collection of articles containing news and analysis on your chosen tax topic. Tax reform could be on President-elect Trump's 100-day agenda. Among the ideas in Trump's tax plan are moves to reduce marginal tax rates, increase standard deductions, limit or repeal tax expenditures, repeal individual and corporate alternative minimum taxes, and repeal the estate and gift taxes.

Published 1/2017
    This collection contains the following articles:
  • "Carrier's Threat to Leave Indiana Yields $7 Million in Incentives"
  • "Economic Analysis: Should Trump Push for an Infrastructure Tax Credit?"
  • "Lawmakers Mull Effect of Trump Ideas on GOP Tax Reform Plans"
  • "News Analysis: The Prospects for Tax Regulations in the Trump Era"
  • "Economic Analysis: Trump Victory Clears the Way for Tax Reform"
  • "News Analysis: What's on Trump's International Tax Agenda?"
  • "Tax History: Trump's Tax Reform Must Help the Middle Class or It Won't Last"
  • "Protecting Trump's $916 Million of NOLs"
  • "New Dynamic Scores Reinforce Trump, Clinton Tax Plan Narratives"
  • "Trump, Clinton Tax Plans Get Updated Estimates"
  • "Economic Analysis: Will Pence Be Trump's Point Man on Taxes?"
  • "Trump Adviser Clarifies Proposed Tax Rate for Passthroughs"
  • "Trump's Revised Tax Plan Aims to Lower Costs, Quiet Critics"
  • "Trump Describes New Child and Dependent Care Tax Proposals"
  • "Trump's Proposed Reg Moratorium Raises Concerns and Doubts"
  • "Trump Embraces Portions of House GOP Tax Reform Plan"
  • "Trump's Business Tax Reform Plan Raises Specter of Tax Mischief"
  • "Trump's Tax and Tariff Threats Spark Concerns"
  • "Trump Taps Tax-Cutting Indiana Governor for Vice President"
  • "News Analysis: Clues to Trump's International Tax Policy"
  • "Trump's Proposed Tariffs Amount to Consumption Tax, Study Says"
  • "Trump Continues to Say 'Taxes' When Others Mean 'Tariffs'"