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Tax Notes Select is a one-time purchase giving you access to a handpicked collection of articles containing news and analysis on your chosen tax topic. With Republicans in control of both houses in Congress and the White House, the air is alive with talks of tax reform. Could 2017 be the year of tax reform? It's quite possible. Before the elections, pollsters were confident that the United States faced another four years of divided government. Virtually every prognosticator in the country predicted that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would win the presidency, but face at least a GOP-controlled House. They were all wrong. Far from being pushed into a media-predicted civil war, Republicans won a complete victory on November 8, with Donald Trump winning the White House while Republicans maintained control over both chambers of Congress. This opens the door to at least two years of frenzied legislative activity, particularly on tax reform.

Published 1/2017
    This collection contains the following articles:
  • "Hatch May Be Moving Ahead With Corporate Integration Plan"
  • "Federal Tax Reform Could Have 'Dramatic' Effect on States"
  • "Economic Analysis: How to Make a $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut Revenue Neutral"
  • "Proposals for International Tax Reform: Is There a Middle Road?"
  • "Lawmakers Mull Effect of Trump Ideas on GOP Tax Reform Plans"
  • "Rate Cut, Domestic Thin Cap Rule Suggested as Part of Tax Reform
  • "News Analysis: The Prospects for Tax Regulations in the Trump Era"
  • "Optimism Grows for Repatriation Relief in Trump Administration"
  • "Trump Win Opens GOP Path for Tax Reform, ACA Repeal"
  • "Corporate Repatriation a 2017 Priority for Senate, Schumer Says"
  • "Congress Members Jockey for Tax Reform in 2017"
  • "A Bipartisan Approach to Tax Reform"
  • "Destination-Based Taxation in the House Republican Blueprint"
  • "Economic Analysis: GOP Blueprint Embraces Cash Flow Tax, Rejects Trump Plan"
  • "House GOP Tax Plan Would Lower Individual and Corporate Rates"
  • "Economic Analysis: Looking for Clues in the Hatch Tax Reform Report"
  • "Hatch Reform Report Reframes Business Tax Paradigm"
  • "Camp Draft Would Lower Rates While Cutting Popular Tax Breaks"