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Sec. 1.1462-1 Withheld tax as credit to recipient of income.

(a) Creditable tax. The entire amount of the income from which the tax is required to be withheld (including amounts calculated under the gross-up formula in section 1.1441-3(f)(1)) shall be included in gross income in the return required to be made by the beneficial owner of the income, without deduction for the amount required to be or actually withheld, but the amount of tax actually withheld shall be allowed as a credit against the total income tax computed in the beneficial owner's return.

(b) Amounts paid to persons who are not the beneficial owner. Amounts withheld at source under chapter 3 of the Internal Revenue Code on payments to (or effectively connected taxable income allocable to) a fiduciary, partnership, or intermediary are deemed to have been paid by the taxpayer ultimately liable for the tax upon such income. Thus, for example, if a beneficiary of a trust is subject to the taxes imposed by section 1, 2, 3, or 11 upon any portion of the income received from a foreign trust, the part of any amount withheld at source which is properly allocable to the income so taxed to such beneficiary shall be credited against the amount of the income tax computed upon the beneficiary's return, and any excess shall be refunded. See § 1.1446-3 for examples applying this rule in the context of a partnership interest held by a foreign trust or estate. Further, if a partnership withholds an amount under chapter 3 of the Internal Revenue Code with respect to the allocable share of a partner that is a partnership (upper-tier partnership) or with respect to the allocable share of partners in an upper-tier partnership, such amount is deemed to have been withheld by the upper-tier partnership. See § 1.1446-5 for rules applicable to tiered partnership structures. References in this paragraph (b) to withholding under section 1446 shall apply to partnership taxable years beginning after May 18, 2005, or such earlier time as the regulations under §§ 1.1446-1 through 1.1446-5 apply by reason of an election under § 1.1446-7.

(c) Effective date. Unless otherwise provided in this section, this section applies to payments made after December 31, 2000.

[Adopted by T.D. 6187, 21 FR 5006, July 6, 1956, republished by T.D. 6500, 25 FR 12080, Nov. 26, 1960, as amended by T.D. 7977, 49 FR 36836, Sept. 20, 1984. Revised by T.D. 8734, 62 FR 53387-53498, Oct. 14, 1997, as amended by T.D. 8804, 63 FR 72183-72189, Dec. 31, 1998; T.D. 8856, 64 FR 43408-73413, Dec. 30, 1999; T.D. 9200, 70 FR 28702-28742, May 18, 2005.]

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