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Sec. 1.6011-2 Returns, etc., of DISCs and former DISCs.

(a) Records and information. Every DISC and former DISC (as defined in section 992(a)) must comply with section 6001 and the regulations thereunder, relating to required records, statements, and special returns. Thus, for example, a DISC is required to maintain the books of account or records described in section 1.6001-1(a). In addition, every DISC must furnish to each of its shareholders on or before the last day of the second month following the close of the taxable year of the DISC a copy of Schedule K (Form 1120-DISC) disclosing the amounts of actual distributions and deemed distributions from the DISC to such shareholder for the taxable year of the DISC. In the case of a deficiency distribution to meet qualification requirements, see section 1.992-3(a)(4) for requirements that distribution be designated in the form of a communication sent to a shareholder and service center at the time of distribution.

(b) Returns--

(1) Requirement of return. Every DISC (as defined in section 992(a)(1)) shall make a return of income. A former DISC (as defined in section 992(a)(3)) shall also make a return of income in addition to any other return required. The return required of a DISC or former DISC under this section shall be made on Form 1120-DISC. The provisions of section 1.6011-1 shall apply with respect to a DISC and former DISC. A former DISC should indicate clearly on Form 1120-DISC that it is making a return of income as a former DISC (for example, by labeling at the top of the Form 1120-DISC "Former DISC"). In the case of a former DISC, those items on the form which pertain to the computation of taxable income shall not be completed, but Schedules J, K, L, and M must be completed. Except as otherwise specifically provided in the Code or regulations, the return of a DISC or former DISC is considered to be an income tax return.

(2) Existence of DISC. A corporation which is a DISC and which is in existence during any portion of a taxable year is required to make a return for that fractional part of its taxable year during which it was in existence.

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