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Sec. 301.6011-10 Certain organizations, including trusts, required to file unrelated business income tax returns in electronic form.

(a) Unrelated business income tax returns required in electronic form.

(1) Organizations, including trusts, subject to tax under section 511 that are required to file a return under § 1.6012-2(e) or § 1.6012-3(a)(5) of this chapter to report gross income included in computing unrelated business taxable income, as defined in section 512, or that are otherwise required to file Form 990-T, Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return (and proxy tax under section 6033(e)), are required to file that return in electronic form.

(2) Returns filed in electronic form must be filed in accordance with applicable revenue procedures, publications, forms, instructions, or other guidance.

(b) Failure to file. If an organization or trust fails to file an unrelated business income tax return in electronic form when required to do so by this section, the organization or trust has failed to file the return. See section 6651 for the addition to tax for failure to file a return. In determining whether there is reasonable cause for failure to file the return, §301.6651-1(c) will apply.

(c) Applicability date. The rules of this section apply to unrelated business income tax returns required to be filed during calendar years beginning after February 23, 2023.

[Added by T.D. 9972, 88 FR 11754-11778, Feb. 23, 2023.]

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