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Sec. 48.4083-1 Taxable fuel; administrative authority.

(a) In general

(1) Authority to inspect.

Officers or employees of the IRS designated by the Commissioner, upon presenting appropriate credentials and a written notice to the owner, operator, or agent in charge, are authorized to enter any place and to conduct inspections in accordance with paragraphs (a) through (c) of this section.

(2) Reasonableness.

Inspections will be performed in a reasonable manner and at times that are reasonable under the circumstances, taking into consideration the normal business hours of the place to be entered.

(b) Place of inspection

(1) In general.

Inspections may be at any place at which taxable fuel is (or may be) produced or stored or at any inspection site where evidence of activities described in section 6715(a) may be discovered. These places may include, but are not limited to --

(i) Any terminal;

(ii) Any fuel storage facility that is not a terminal;

(iii) Any retail fuel facility; or

(iv) Any designated inspection site.

(2) Designated inspection sites.

A designated inspection site is any State highway inspection station, weigh station, agricultural inspection station, mobile station, or other location designated by the Commissioner to be used as a fuel inspection site. A designated inspection site will be identified as a fuel inspection site.

(c) Scope of inspection

(1) Inspection.

Officers or employees may physically inspect, examine or otherwise search any tank, reservoir, or other container that can or may be used for the production, storage, or transportation of fuel, fuel dyes, or fuel markers. Inspection may also be made of any equipment used for, or in connection with, production, storage, or transportation of fuel, fuel dyes, or fuel markers. This includes any equipment used for the dyeing or marking of fuel. This also includes books and records, if any, that are maintained at the place of inspection and are kept to determine excise tax liability under section 4081.

(2) Detainment.

Officers or employees may detain any vehicle or train for the purpose of inspecting its fuel tanks and storage tanks. Detainment will be either on the premises under inspection or at a designated inspection site. Detainment may continue for such reasonable period of time as is necessary to determine the amount and composition of the fuel.

(3) Removal of samples.

Officers or employees may take and remove samples of fuel in such quantities as are reasonably necessary to determine the composition of the fuel.

(d) Refusal to submit to inspection

For the penalty for any refusal to permit an entry or inspection authorized by this section, see section 4083(c)(3). This penalty is in addition to any tax that may be imposed by section 4041 or 4081 and any penalty that may be imposed by section 6715.

(e) Effective date.

This section is effective January 1, 1994.

[Added by T.D. 8659, 61 FR 10450-10466, Mar. 14, 1996, as amended by T.D. 8685, 61 FR 58004-58009, Nov. 12, 1996; T.D. 8879, 65 FR 17149-17164, Mar. 31, 2000.]

Editor's Note: Former reg. section 48.4083-1, added by T.D. 8774, 63 FR 35799-35805, July 1, 1998, and redesignated by T.D. 8879, 65 FR 1749-17164, Mar. 31, 2000, was removed by T.D. 8421, 57 FR 32424-32438, July 22, 1992.

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