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Section 24 -- Child Credit

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Section 30C -- Alternative Vehicle Refueling Property Credit

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Section 61(a)(12) -- Debt Cancellation

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Section 67 -- Miscellaneous Deductions

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Section 104 -- Damage Awards/Sick Pay

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Section 108 -- Discharge of Indebtedness

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Section 129 -- Dependent Care Exclusion

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Section 168 -- ACRS

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Section 501 -- Tax-Exempt Organizations

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Section 807 -- Life Insurance Reserves

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Section 4041 -- Special Fuels Tax

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Section 4191 -- Medical Device Excise Tax

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Section 4261 -- Tax on Air Transport of Persons

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Section 5000C -- Foreign Procurement Tax

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Section 6320 -- Hearing on Filing Lien Notice

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Section 7122 -- Compromises

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Section 7430 -- Attorney's Fees

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Section 7433 -- Unauthorized Collection Actions

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