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Agenda Announced for the 4th International Conference on Taxpayer Rights “Taxpayer Rights in the Digital Age: Implications for Transparency, Certainty, and Privacy”

Posted on Mar. 1, 2019

The National Taxpayer Advocate asked us to announce that registration is now open for the 4th International Conference on Taxpayer Rights at the University of Minnesota Law School on May 23-24, 2019. This groundbreaking annual conference brings together government officials, scholars, and practitioners (including Keith and Les who are presenting a paper). It is an excellent opportunity to hear about efforts to protect and improve taxpayer rights around the world. Readers interested in taxpayer rights will find a rich archive of papers, videos, and other materials online from the previous International Conferences on Taxpayer Rights. If you are interested in attending the 4th Annual conference, note that past conferences have filled up. Registration is available at

The registration flyer summarizes the agenda:

The 2019 conference will explore the role of taxpayer rights in the digital age, and the implications of the expanding digital environment for transparency, certainty, and privacy in tax administration. Panel discussions will focus on the following and more:

  • Taxpayer bills of rights around the world, and the foundation of taxpayer rights in human rights
  • Taxpayer rights and establishing global common standards
  • Big data, privacy and tax administration
  • Impact of administrative guidance on taxpayers
  • The role of “whistleblowers” in tax administration

The full agenda may be viewed here (pdf version here).

The National Taxpayer Advocate, in her blog post announcing the 4th Conference, explained:

Since November 2015, I’ve convened three international conferences with the purpose of bringing together government officials, scholars, and practitioners from around the world, and providing a forum for a multi-disciplinary discussion of the operation of taxpayer rights in theory and practice.  …

Taxpayer rights serve as the foundation for effective tax administration. Whether expressed through a charter or taxpayer bill of rights, or a declaration of human rights, governments have long recognized that providing taxpayers with assurances of fair treatment and respect, and protections against government overreaching, further voluntary compliance. Please don’t miss your chance to be a part of this global taxpayer rights discussion.

We at PT wholeheartedly agree.

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