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Posted on July 21, 2020

The Tax Court has been telling us for some time that it was migrating to a new case management system and making other changes starting in July 2020. On Friday, July 17 it upgraded its website. This created a problem for frequent visitors to the Court’s website such as Carl Smith and me. Because of cookies and other helpful messages embedded in our computers, we found that we could access very little at the Court’s website but it seemed like we were in the right place.

Because both Carl and I were experiencing the essentially the same problem and because we were talking to each other and not to others who might have helped us, I reached out to the Court and received an immediate response suggesting that I close out my currently open Tax Court page and go back into the Court’s website, making sure that there were no words on the access line after

I followed the Court’s instructions and all of my problems went away. Perhaps Carl and I are the only dinosaurs who experienced this problem but we decided to write this short post to alert any others with our same handicap to the issue. If you experience problems as you use the new website, the Tax Court seemed quite interested in hearing about any problems or concerns that you have.

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