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Today: Third Annual UCI Law – A. Lavar Taylor Symposium Hosted by UC Irvine

Posted on Feb. 22, 2021

UC Irvine is hosting the third annual UCI Law – A. Lavar Taylor Tax Symposium today. The panels start at 11:30 AM ET. The theme is taxation in time of crisis. Panels include looks at tax relief, tax administration, and tax policy.  The afternoon keynote is from Eric Hylton, the Commissioner of SB/SE.  Lavar, who readers of PT my recall for his outstanding guest posts, will be offering closing remarks this evening.

Christine Speidel and I will be on during panel 2, starting at 1:10 ET. We will discuss our work in progress When Tax Procedure Meets COVID 19: An Uneasy Relationship  

Registration link is here

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