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Posted on Aug. 25, 2023

In order to allow for an orderly transition to Tax Analysts this will be our final post in the format we have used for the past decade. Our posts will resume on September 7.

While we are excited about the change, we know that it is inevitable that we will lose some of our readers as we transition and that makes the change bittersweet.  We hope you will join us as we make the switch and appreciate that Tax Analysts has made this possible at no cost for the first 90 days at our new location (to ensure you continue to receive PT posts see yesterday’s post, Continuing Your Access to Procedurally Taxing). We also appreciate that some of our future posts and all of our past posts will be available to anyone along with the other amazing free content that Tax Analysts provides at its site.

It’s been a pleasure to come to you most weekdays with a short story about a case or a report. We look forward to continuing to land in your inbox providing a discussion of some aspect of tax procedure.

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