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Villanova Graduate Tax Program Seeking Full Time Faculty Member

Posted on Feb. 12, 2015

One of the hats I wear is faculty director of the Villanova Graduate Tax Program (GTP) distance
program, which we launched last fall. While our distance/online version is new, Villanova’s Graduate Tax Program has been around for over 30 years. The GTP is a part-time program jointly offered by the Villanova Business and Law Schools; we have over 150 mostly part-time students from the accounting and legal professions, and we offer about 40 or so different classes every year. Keith and I teach Tax Procedure in the GTP; Steve is one of our distinguished alums. We have begun a national search for a new faculty member, which inspires this post as we seek someone from practice who might be interested in a career switch.

Law school outside

One of the fun parts of teaching at Villanova is working with great colleagues. In the GTP, in addition to a talented group of adjuncts from the private and public sector, Keith and I are joined by our full-time faculty colleagues Joy Mullane, Jim Maule and Dick Harvey. Jim is a gifted teacher, prolific writer and early blogger whose Mauled Again was an inspiration for us. Dick is a nationally known expert in international and corporate tax (e.g., his US Senate testimony in 2013 on Apple and other MNC’s profit shifting activities is informative and entertaining), and has experience at the highest levels of government and the private sector. Joy is a great teacher who has written important articles on subjects like executive compensation.

Unlike many academic positions, for this position we are looking principally for someone with a deep practice background. Here is the link to the job announcement with some more details.


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