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Volunteers Needed at Upcoming Las Vegas Calendar Calls

Posted on Jan. 7, 2020

Several years ago the ABA Tax Section undertook the project of covering all Tax Court calendar calls to make sure that unrepresented taxpayers had an attorney to whom they could ask questions and obtain guidance at the calendar call. The project was a success and volunteers were secured for calendar calls in all of the cities in which the Tax Court sits; however, life is dynamic rather than static. Recently, both low income taxpayer clinics in Las Vegas have closed. While there is hope that one or both or a new one may reopen in the future, at the moment the Tax Court will hold calendars on January 13 (next week; this is a mixed regular and small case calendar) and February 24 (this is a regular calendar). Volunteers are needed for both calendars in order to provide coverage for any unrepresented taxpayers who may appear.

When a similar coverage hole occurred in Honolulu six years ago, Andy Roberson jumped into the breach and covered the calendar. The Pro Bono and Tax Clinic committee of the Tax Section hopes that one or more tax controversy specialist will quickly jump in to cover the upcoming calendars in Las Vegas. If you are willing to help cover one of the upcoming calendars in Las Vegas, please contact the Tax Section’s Chief Counsel, Meg Newman at or by phone at (202) 662-8645.

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