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Fool Me Twice: Trump’s Payroll Tax Cuts

By Benjamin M. Willis | 08/22/2019

Benjamin M. Willis argues that the potential Trump administration proposal to cut payroll taxes to boost the economy would backfire, providing only temporary relief, adding further to the U.S. national debt, and sending money abroad.

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Featured News

Practitioners Await Relief on Downward Attribution

By Andrew Velarde | 08/22/2019

Practitioners are hopeful that guidance related to a change in the downward attribution rule will come soon and provide welcome relief.

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Featured Analysis

Solving the Problem of ‘Substantially All’ in the O-Zone Rules

By Marie Sapirie | 08/19/2019

In news analysis, Marie Sapirie attempts to parse the differences in the term “substantially all,” as the same phrase in the same statute has two different numerical thresholds.

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Special Reports

International Tax Rules for the Digital Era

By Francois Chadwick | 08/19/2019

Francois Chadwick proposes a multilateral solution to the tax challenges of the digital economy.

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Tax Notes Talk

Tax Trends in State Legislatures

David D. Stewart, Lauren Loricchio, and Aaron Davis | August 22

Tax Notes Today State reporters Lauren Loricchio and Aaron Davis recap the biggest tax trends to emerge from state legislatures in 2019 and preview what’s to come.

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Top News for Sunday, August 25, 2019

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