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Free Resources

To further our mission to foster free, open, and informed discussion about taxation, Tax Notes is proud to offer many free resources including a curated selection of news, analysis, and special reports; podcasts; and the Tax History Project, including our collection of presidential tax returns.

Tax Notes Research

The Internal Revenue Code, final tax regulations, and documents — accurate, up to date, and easy to navigate.

Tax Notes Talk

A weekly, conversational podcast hosted by David Stewart, editor in chief of Tax Notes Today International.

Taxing Issues

A webinar series of public dialogues on cutting-edge issues of tax policy.


Tax Notes editors, contributors, and other great minds weigh in on pressing issues in the world of tax.

Multimedia Resources

Videos and podcasts on cutting-edge developments and in-depth discussions with influential leaders in the tax community.

Special Reports

Tax Notes contributors examine tax law, policies, and guidance in these in-depth, detailed reports.

Featured News

A selection of our best-in-class tax news coverage, carefully curated by Tax Notes editors.

Presidential Tax Returns

Tax Notes Tax History Project has compiled an archive of presidential tax returns in the hope of making this information more widely available.

Featured Analysis

A selection of our best-in-class tax analysis and commentary, carefully curated by Tax Notes editors.

Tax History Project

A public service project providing scholars, policymakers, journalists, and the general public with information on the history of U.S. public finance.

Tax Analysts Litigation

FOIA litigation Tax Analysts has engaged in to defend the public interest and force tax policymaking into the open.

IRS Chief Counsel's Directory

Our Tax Notes products provide the insight you need to stay ahead on critical tax issues


News & Analysis

Covering all federal tax laws, regulations, and policy developments, Tax Notes is unparalleled in its field.

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News & Analysis

Thousands of tax practitioners in the United States rely on Tax Notes for comprehensive state news, commentary, and analysis.

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News & Analysis

Tax Notes is the first to bring you updates from over 180 nations, plus an in-depth tool on tax treaties.

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