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Tax Analysts Welcomes Procedurally Taxing to

September 7, 2023

Tax Analysts is pleased to announce the addition of the Procedurally Taxing blog to the Tax Notes suite of federal products. Started in 2013 by Leslie Book, Keith Fogg, and Stephen Olsen, Procedurally Taxing grew out of the authors’ experiences working with, writing on, and teaching tax procedure. The blog also shines a light on procedural issues that affect underrepresented taxpayers.

After 10 years publishing independently, and with the goal of broadening the reach of Procedurally Taxing, the team sought new opportunities to distribute its content. Tax Analysts, a nonprofit publisher committed to shedding light on tax policy and administration through aggressive, unbiased reporting and informed commentary, will be able to increase access to Procedurally Taxing through the Tax Notes suite of federal products available on

“Tax Analysts is thrilled to add this new dimension highlighting procedural issues and low-income taxpayer topics to our federal coverage,” said Tax Analysts President and CEO Cara Griffith. “Welcoming Les, Keith, Stephen, and the many guest contributors to the Tax Notes family of correspondents is even more exciting.” 

“When we started Procedurally Taxing, we did not anticipate the enthusiastic reaction,” Book said. “Tax Analysts’ mission and deeds resonate with us and influenced our decision to join Tax Analysts for the next chapter of Procedurally Taxing.”

Current subscribers to Tax Notes Federal, Tax Notes Today Federal, and Tax Practice Expert will receive Procedurally Taxing through their subscriptions at More information is available at


For questions or to speak with someone at Tax Analysts, please contact Lisa Samuels at or 703-533-4407.


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