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Sec. 1.1474-7 Confidentiality of information.

(a) Confidentiality of information. Pursuant to section 1474(c)(1), the provisions of § 31.3406(f)-1(a) of this chapter shall apply (substituting "sections 1471 through 1474" for "section 3406") to information obtained or used in connection with the requirements of chapter 4.

(b) Exception for disclosure of participating FFIs. Pursuant to section 1474(c)(2), the identity of a participating FFI or deemed-compliant FFI shall not be treated as return information for purposes of section 6103.

(c) Effective/applicability date. This section applies January 28, 2013.

[Added by T.D. 9610, 78 FR 5873-5995, Jan. 28, 2013.]

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