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Sec. 1.167(b)-0 Methods of computing depreciation.

(a) In general.

Any reasonable and consistently applied method of computing depreciation may be used or continued in use under section 167. Regardless of the method used in computing depreciation, deductions for depreciation shall not exceed such amounts as may be necessary to recover the unrecovered cost or other basis less salvage during the remaining useful life of the property. The reasonableness of any claim for depreciation shall be determined upon the basis of conditions known to exist at the end of the period for which the return is made. It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to establish the reasonableness of the deduction for depreciation claimed. Generally, depreciation deductions so claimed will be changed only where there is a clear and convincing basis for a change.

(b) Certain methods.

Methods previously found adequate to produce a reasonable allowance under the Internal Revenue Code of 1939 or prior revenue laws will, if used consistently by the taxpayer, continue to be acceptable under section 167(a). Examples of such methods which continue to be acceptable are the straight line method, the declining balance method with the rate limited to 150 percent of the applicable straight line rate, and under appropriate circumstances, the unit of production method. The methods described in section 167(b) and sections 1.167(b)-1, 1.167(b)-2, 1.167(b)-3, and 1.167(b)-4 shall be deemed to produce a reasonable allowance for depreciation except as limited under section 167(c) and section 1.167(c)-1. See also section 1.167(e)-1 for rules relating to change in method of computing depreciation.

(c) Application of methods.

In the case of item accounts, any method which results in a reasonable allowance for depreciation may be selected for each item of property, but such method must thereafter be applied consistently to that particular item. In the case of group, classified, or composite accounts, any method may be selected for each account. Such method must be applied to that particular account consistently thereafter but need not necessarily be applied to acquisitions of similar property in the same or subsequent years, provided such acquisitions are set up in separate accounts. See, however, section 1.167(e)-1 and section 446 and the regulations thereunder, for rules relating to changes in the method of computing depreciation, and section 1.167(c)-1 for restriction on the use of certain methods. See also section 1.167(a)-7 for definition of account.

[Adopted by T.D. 6182, 21 FR 3985, June 12, 1956; republished by T.D. 6500, 25 FR 11402, Nov. 26, 1960.]

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