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Sec. 1.280B-1 Demolition of structures.

(a) In general.

Section 280B provides that, in the case of the demolition of any structure, no deduction otherwise allowable under chapter 1 of subtitle A shall be allowed to the owner or lessee of such structure for any amount expended for the demolition or any loss sustained on account of the demolition, and that the expenditure or loss shall be treated as properly chargeable to the capital account with respect to the land on which the demolished structure was located.

(b) Definition of structure.

For purposes of section 280B, the term structure means a building, as defined in section 1.48-1(e)(1), including the structural components of that building, as defined in section 1.48-1(e)(2).

(c) Effective date.

This section is effective for demolitions commencing on or after December 30, 1997.

[T.D. 8745, 62 FR 67725-67726, Dec. 30, 1997.]

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