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Sec. 1.355-1 Distribution of stock and securities of a controlled corporation.

(a) Effective/applicability date of certain sections. Except as otherwise provided, this section and §§ 1.355-2 through 1.355-4 apply to transactions occurring after February 6, 1989. For transactions occurring on or before that date, see 26 CFR 1.355-1 through 1.355-4 (revised as of April 1, 1987). This section and §§ 1.355-2 through 1.355-4, other than § 1.355-2(g) and (i), do not reflect the amendments to section 355 made by the Revenue Act of 1987, the Technical and Miscellaneous Revenue Act of 1988, and the Tax Technical Corrections Act of 2007. For the applicability date of §§ 1.355-2(g), 1.355-5, 1.355-6, and 1.355-7, see §§ 1.355-2(i), 1.355-5(e), 1.355-6(g), and 1.355-7(k), respectively.

(b) Application of section. Section 355 provides for the separation, without recognition of gain or loss to (or the inclusion in income of) the shareholders and security holders, of one or more existing businesses formerly operated, directly or indirectly, by a single corporation (the "distributing corporation"). It applies only to the separation of existing businesses that have been in active operation for at least five years (or a business that has been in active operation for at least five years into separate businesses), and which, in general, have been owned, directly or indirectly, for at least five years by the distributing corporation. A separation is achieved through the distribution by the distributing corporation of stock, or stock and securities, of one or more subsidiaries (the "controlled corporations") to its shareholders with respect to its stock or to its security holders in exchange for its securities. The controlled corporations may be preexisting or newly created subsidiaries. Throughout the regulations under section 355, the term "distribution" refers to a distribution by the distributing corporation of stock, or stock and securities, of one or more controlled corporations, unless the context indicates otherwise. Section 355 contemplates the continued operation of the business or businesses existing prior to the separation. See section 1.355-4 for types of distributions that may qualify under section 355, including pro rata distributions and non pro rata distributions.

(c) Stock rights. Except as provided in section 1.356-6, for purposes of section 355, the term securities includes rights issued by the distributing corporation or the controlled corporation to acquire the stock of that corporation. For purposes of this section and section 356(d)(2)(B), a right to acquire stock has no principal amount. For this purpose, rights to acquire stock has the same meaning as it does under sections 305 and 317(a). Other Internal Revenue Code provisions governing the treatment of rights to acquire stock may also apply to certain distributions occurring in connection with a transaction described in section 355. See, for example, sections 83 and 421 through 424 and the regulations thereunder. This paragraph (c) applies to distributions occurring on or after March 6, 1998.

(d) Nonqualified preferred stock. See section 1.356-7(a) and (b) for the treatment of nonqualified preferred stock (as defined in section 351(g)(2)) received in certain exchanges for (or in certain distributions with respect to) nonqualified preferred stock or preferred stock. See section 1.356-7(c) for the treatment of the receipt of preferred stock in certain exchanges for (or in certain distributions with respect to) common or preferred stock described in section 351(g)(2)(C)(i)(II).

[Adopted by T.D. 6152, 20 FR 8875, Dec. 3, 1955; republished by T.D. 6500, 25 FR 11607, Nov. 26, 1960. Revised by T.D. 8238, 54 FR 289, Jan. 5, 1989, as amended by T.D. 8752, 63 FR 409-410, Jan. 6, 1998; T.D. 8882, 65 FR 31078-31079, May 16, 2000; T.D. 8904, 65 FR 58650-58652, Oct. 2, 2000; T.D. 9435, 73 FR 75946-75951, Dec. 15, 2008, corrected at 74 FR 3420, Jan. 21, 2009; as amended by T.D. 9548, 76 FR 65110-65112, Oct. 20, 2011.]

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