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Sec. 1.6041-6 Returns made on Forms 1096 and 1099 under section 6041; contents and time and place for filing.

(a) In general. Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, returns made under section 6041 on Forms 1096 and 1099 for any calendar year shall be filed on or before February 28 (March 31 if filed electronically) of the following year with any of the Internal Revenue Service Centers, the addresses of which are listed in the instructions for such forms. The name and address of the person making the payment and the name and address of the recipient of the payment shall be stated on Form 1099. If the present address of the recipient is not available, the last known post office address must be given. See section 6109 and the regulations in part 301 of this title under section 6109 for rules requiring the inclusion of identifying numbers in Form 1099.

(b) Exception. Returns made on Form 1099 reporting nonemployee compensation shall be filed on or before January 31 of the year following the calendar year to which such returns relate.

(c) Applicability date. This section applies to returns filed on or after January 30, 2020. Section 1.6041-6T (as contained in 26 CFR part 1, revised April 2019) applies to returns filed before January 30, 2020.

[Adopted by T.D. 6364, 24 FR 1178, Feb. 17, 1959; republished by T.D. 6500, 25 FR 12108, Nov. 26, 1960, as amended by T.D. 6628, 27 FR 12797-12802, Dec. 28, 1962. Revised by T.D. 7284, 38 FR 20828, Aug. 3, 1973, as amended by T.D. 8895, 65 FR 50405-50409, Aug. 18, 2000. Revised by T.D. 9821, 82 FR 33441-33448, July 20, 2017. Revised by T.D. 9892, 85 FR 5323-5327, Jan. 30, 2020.]

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