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Sec. 1.6043-2 Return of information respecting distributions in liquidation.

(a) Unless the distribution is one in respect of which information is required to be filed pursuant to § 1.332-6(b), § 1.368-3(a), or § 1.1081-11, every corporation making any distribution of $600 or more during a Calendar year to any shareholder in liquidation of the whole or any part of its capital stock shall file a return of information on Forms 1096 and 1099, giving all the information required by such form and by the regulations in this part. A separate Form 1099 must be prepared for each shareholder to whom such distribution was made, showing the name and address of such shareholder, the number and class of shares owned by him in liquidation of which such distribution was made, and the total amount distributed to him on each class of stock. If the amount distributed to such shareholder on any class of stock consisted in whole or in part of property other than money, the return on such form shall in addition show the amount of money distributed, if any, and shall list separately each class of property other than money distributed, giving a description of the property in each such class and a statement of its fair market value at the time of the distribution. Such forms, accompanied by transmittal Form 1096 showing the number of Forms 1099 filed therewith, shall be filed on or before February 28 (March 31 if filed electronically) of the year following the calendar year in which such distribution was made with any of the Internal Revenue Service Centers, the addresses of which are listed in the instructions for Form 1096.

(b) If the distribution is in complete liquidation of a domestic corporation pursuant to a plan of liquidation in accordance with which all the capital stock of the corporation is cancelled or redeemed, and the transfer of all property under the liquidation occurs within some one calendar month pursuant to section 333, and any shareholder claims the benefit of such section, the return on Form 1096 shall show:

(1) The amount of earnings and profits of the corporation accumulated after February 28, 1913, determined as of the close of such calendar month, without diminution by reason of distributions made during such calendar month, but including in such computation all items of income and expense accrued up to the date on which the transfer of all the property under the liquidation is completed;

(2) The ratable share of such earnings and profits of each share of stock canceled or redeemed in the liquidation;

(3) The date and circumstances of the acquisition by the corporation of any or securities distributed to shareholders in the liquidation;

(4) If the liquidation is pursuant to section 333(g), a schedule showing the amount of earnings and profits to which the corporation has succeeded after December 31, 1963, pursuant to any corporate reorganization or pursuant to a liquidation to which section 332 applies, except earnings and profits which on December 31, 1963, constituted earnings and profits of a corporation referred to in section 333(g)(3), and except earnings and profits which were earned after such date by a corporation referred to in section 333(g)(3); and

(5) If the liquidation occurs after December 31, 1966, and is pursuant to section 333(g)(2), the amount of earnings and profits of the corporation accumulated after February 28, 1913, and before January 1, 1967, and the ratable share of such earnings and profits of each share of stock canceled or redeemed in the liquidation.

[Adopted by T.D. 6364, 24 FR 1178, Feb. 17, 1959; republished by T.D. 6500, 25 FR 12108, Nov. 26, 1960, as amended by T.D. 6949, 33 FR 5531, Apr. 9, 1968; T.D. 8734, 62 FR 53387-53498, Oct. 14, 1997; T.D. 8804, 63 FR 72183-72189, Dec. 31, 1998; T.D. 8895, 65 FR 50405-50409, Aug. 18, 2000; T.D. 9264, 71 FR 30591-30608, May 30, 2006.]

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