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Sec. 1.6050A-1 Reporting requirements of certain fishing boat operators.

(a) Requirement of reporting.

The operator of a boat on which one or more individuals during a calendar year performed services described in section 31.3121(b)(20)-1(a) shall make an information return on Form 1099-MISC for that calendar year. The return shall include the following information:

(1) The name and taxpayer identification number of each individual performing the services;

(2) The percentage of each individual's share of the catch of fish or other forms of aquatic life (hereinafter "fish");

(3) The percentage of the operator's share of the catch of fish;

(4) If the individual receives all or part of his share of the catch in kind, the type and weight of the share and, if it can be ascertained, the fair market value of his share;

(5) If the individual receives a share of the proceeds of the catch, the dollar amount received; and

(6) Any other information that is required by the form.

For purposes of this section, the term, "boat operator" means an employer (as defined in section 31.3121(d)-2) of an employee whose services are excepted from employment by section 3121(b)(20) and section 31.3121(b)(20)-1. The boat operator may make separate returns on Form 1099-MISC for each crew member for each voyage, or he may aggregate the information required by this paragraph for an individual for all or any part of a return period in which the type of catch (if required) and the percentage due the crew member remain the same.

(b) Time and place for filing.

Returns required to be made under this section on Form 1099-MISC shall be filed with the Internal Revenue Service Center, designated in the instructions for Form 1099- MISC, on or before February 28 (March 31 if filed electronically) of the year following the calendar year in which the relevant services were performed.

(c) Requirement of and time for furnishing statement

(1) Requirement of furnishing statement.

Every person filing a Form 1099-MISC under this section shall furnish to the individual whose identifying number is (or should be) shown on the form a written statement showing the information required by paragraph (a) of this section. The requirement of the preceding sentence may be met by furnishing to the individual copy B of Form 1099-MISC or a reasonable facsimile of Form 1099F that was filed pursuant to this section. An IRS truncated taxpayer identifying number (TTIN) may be used as the identifying number for the individual in lieu of the identifying number appearing on the information return filed with the Internal Revenue Service. For provisions relating to the use of TTINs, see § 301.6109-4 of this chapter (Procedure and Administration Regulations).

(2) Time for furnishing statement.

Each statement required by this paragraph to be furnished to any individual for a calendar year shall be furnished on or before January 31 of the year following the calendar year for which the return was made.

(d) Cross-reference to penalties.

For provisions relating to the penalty provided for failure to file timely a correct information return required under section 6050A(a) and section 1.6050A-1(a), see section 301.6721-1 of this chapter (Procedure and Administration Regulations). For provisions relating to the penalty provided for failure to furnish timely a correct payee statement required under section 6050A(b) and section 1.6050A-1(c), see section 301.6722-1 of this chapter. See section 301.6724-1 of this chapter for the waiver of a penalty if the failure is due to reasonable cause and is not due to willful neglect.

(e) Effective/applicability date.

The rules in this section apply to information returns and payee statements due after December 31, 2014. For rules applicable for information returns and payee statements due before January 1, 2015, § 1.6050A-1(c)(1) (as contained in 26 CFR part 1, revised April 2013) shall apply.

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