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Sec. 1.6302-3 Deposit rules for estimated taxes of certain trusts.

(a) Requirement.

A bank or other financial institution described in paragraph (b) of this section shall deposit all payments of estimated tax under section 6654(l) with respect to trusts for which such institution acts as a fiduciary by the date otherwise prescribed for paying such tax in the manner set forth in published guidance, publications, forms and instructions.

(b) Banks and financial institutions subject to this requirement.

The requirement of paragraph (a) of this section applies to banks and other financial institutions described in sections 581 and 591 that have been designated as authorized Federal tax depositaries described in section 6302(c) and that act as fiduciaries for at least 200 trusts to which section 6654(l) applies that during the calendar year are required to make installment payments of estimated tax with respect to such trusts. For purposes of this section, a fiduciary is the person responsible for filing the tax returns and paying the taxes with respect to a trust.

(c) Cross-references.

For the requirement to deposit estimated tax payments of taxable trusts by electronic funds transfer, see § 31.6302-1(h) of this chapter.

(d) Effective/applicability date.

This section applies to deposits and payments made after December 31, 2010.

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