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Sec. 1.904(g)-2 Recapture of overall domestic losses.

(a) In general.

A taxpayer shall recapture an overall domestic loss as provided in this section. Recapture is accomplished by treating a portion of the taxpayer's U.S. source taxable income as foreign source income. The recharacterized income is allocated among and increases foreign source income in separate categories in proportion to the balances of the overall domestic loss accounts with respect to those separate categories. As a result, if the taxpayer chooses the benefits of section 901, the taxpayer's foreign tax credit limitation is increased. As provided in § 1.904(g)-1(e)(2), the balance in a taxpayer's overall domestic loss account with respect to a separate category is reduced at the end of each taxable year by the amount of loss recaptured during that taxable year. Recapture continues until the amount of U.S. source income recharacterized as foreign source income equals the amount in the overall domestic loss account.

(b) Determination of U.S. source taxable income for purposes of recapture.

For purposes of determining the amount of an overall domestic loss subject to recapture, the taxpayer's taxable income from U.S. sources shall be computed in accordance with the rules set forth in § 1.904(g)-1(c)(4). U.S. source taxable income shall be determined by taking into account adjustments for capital gains and losses and qualified dividend income in a similar manner to the adjustments made to foreign source taxable income under section 904(b)(2) and § 1.904(b)-1, following the principles of § 1.904(b)-1(h)(1)(i).

(c) Section 904(g)(1) recapture.

The amount of any U.S. source taxable income subject to recharacterization in a taxable year in which paragraph (a) of this section applies is the lesser of the aggregate balance of the taxpayer's overall domestic loss accounts or 50 percent of the taxpayer's U.S. source taxable income (as determined under paragraph (b) of this section).

(d) Effective/applicability date.

This section applies to taxpayers that sustain an overall domestic loss for a taxable year beginning on or after January 1, 2012. Taxpayers may choose to apply this section to overall domestic losses sustained in other taxable years beginning after December 31, 2006, including periods covered by 26 CFR 1.904(g)-2T (revised as of April 1, 2010).

[Added by T.D. 9371, 72 FR 72592-72606, Dec. 21, 2007. Revised by T.D. 9595, 77 FR 37576-37587, June 22, 2012.]

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