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Sec. 31.6051-2 Information returns on Form W-3 and Internal Revenue Service copies of Forms W-2.

(a) In general.

Every employer who is required to make a return of tax under §31.6011(a)-1 (relating to returns under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act), §31.6011(a)-4 (relating to returns of income tax withheld from wages), or §31.6011(a)-5 (relating to monthly returns) for a calendar year or any period therein, shall file the Social Security Administration copy of each Form W-2 required under §31.6051-1 to be furnished by the employer with respect to wages paid during the calendar year. An employer may not truncate an employee’s social security number to appear in the form of an IRS truncated taxpayer identification number (TTIN) on copies of FormsW-2 filed with the Social Security Administration. Each Form W-2 and the transmittal Form W-3 shall together constitute an information return to be filed with the Social Security Administration as indicated on the instructions to such forms. For the requirement to submit the information on Form W-2 on magnetic media, see section 6011(e) and §301.6011-2 of this chapter (Procedure and Administration Regulations).

(b) Corrected returns.

The Social Security Administration copies of corrected Forms W-2 (or magnetic tape or other approved media) for employees for the calendar year shall be submitted with Form W-3 (or Form 4804), on or before the date on which information returns for the period in which the correction is made would be due under paragraph (a)(3)(ii) of section 31.6071(a)-1, to the Social Security Administration office with which Forms W-2 are required to be filed.

(c) Cross references.

For provisions relating to the time for filing the information returns required by this section and to extensions of the time for filing, see sections 6071 and 6081 and the regulations in this part under sections 6071 and 6081. For the penalties applicable to information returns and payee statements, see sections 6721 through 6724 and the regulations in part 301 under sections 6721 through 6724.

(d) Applicability date.

This section is applicable for statements required to be filed under section 6051 after July 3, 2019.

(68A Stat. 747, 26 U.S.C. 6051; 68A Stat. 917, 26 U.S.C. 7805)

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