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Sec. 514.22 Dividends received by persons not entitled to reduced rate of tax.




     Article 27(1) of the convention provides that each Contracting State shall undertake to lend assistance and support to the other Contracting State in the collection of taxes covered by the convention.

(b) Additional French tax to be withheld in the United States



By a nominee or representative.

     The recipient in the United States of any dividend from which French tax has been withheld at the reduced rate of 15 percent, who is a nominee or representative through whom the dividend is received by a person who is not a resident of the United States, shall withhold an additional amount of French tax equivalent to the French tax which would have been withheld if the convention had not been in effect (25 percent as of the date of approval of this Treasury decision) minus the 15 percent which has been withheld at the source.

(2) By a fiduciary or partnership.

     A fiduciary or partnership with an address in the United States which receives, otherwise than as a nominee or representative, a dividend from sources within France from which French tax has been withheld at the reduced rate of 15 percent, shall withhold an additional amount of French tax from the portion of the dividend included in the gross income from sources within France of any beneficiary or partner, as the case may be, who is not entitled to the reduced rate of tax in accordance with the applicable provisions of the convention. The amount of the additional tax is to be calculated in the same manner as under subparagraph (1) of this paragraph.

(3) Withholding additional French tax from amounts released or refunded.

     If any amount of French tax is released by the withholding agent in France with respect to a dividend received by a nominee, representative, fiduciary, or partnership in the United States, the recipient shall withhold from such released amount any additional amount of French tax otherwise required to be withheld from the dividend by the provisions of subparagraphs (1) and (2) of this paragraph, in the same manner as if at the time of payment of the dividends French tax at the rate of 15 percent had been withheld therefrom.

(4) Return of French tax by U.S. withholding agents.

     Amounts of French tax withheld pursuant to this paragraph by withholding agents in the United States shall be deposited in U.S. dollars with the Director, Office of International Operations, Internal Revenue Service, Washington, D.C. 20225, on or before the 16th day after the close of the quarter of the calendar year in which the withholding occurs. Such withholding agent shall also submit such appropriate forms as may be prescribed by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue.

[T.D. 6986, 34 FR 136, Jan. 4, 1969, as amended by

T.D. 8734

, 62 FR 53387-53498, Oct. 14, 1997.]

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