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Sec. 5 Cross references relating to tax on individuals

  • Internal Revenue Code of 1986
  • Chapter 1 -- Normal Taxes and Surtaxes
  • Subchapter A -- Determination of Tax Liability
  • Part I -- Tax on individuals

(a) Other rates of tax on individuals, etc.

(1) For rates of tax on nonresident aliens, see section 871.

(2) For doubling of tax on citizens of certain foreign countries, see section 891.

(3) For rate of withholding in the case of nonresident aliens, see section 1441.

(4) For alternative minimum tax, see section 55.

(b) Special limitations on tax.

(1) For limitation on tax in case of income of members of Armed Forces, astronauts, and victims of certain terrorist attacks on death, see section 692.

(2) For computation of tax where taxpayer restores substantial amount held under claim of right, see section 1341.

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