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Sec. 5414 Transfer of beer between bonded facilities

  • Internal Revenue Code of 1986
  • Chapter 51 -- Distilled Spirits, Wines and Beer
  • Subchapter G -- Breweries
  • Part II -- Operations

(a) In general. Beer may be removed from one brewery to another brewery, without payment of tax, and may be mingled with beer at the receiving brewery, subject to such conditions, including payment of the tax, and in such containers, as the Secretary by regulations shall prescribe, which shall include --

(1) any removal from one brewery to another brewery belonging to the same brewer,

(2) any removal from a brewery owned by one corporation to a brewery owned by another corporation when --

(A) one such corporation owns the controlling interest in the other such corporation, or

(B) the controlling interest in each such corporation is owned by the same person or persons, and

(3) any removal from one brewery to another brewery when --

(A) the proprietors of transferring and receiving premises are independent of each other and neither has a proprietary interest, directly or indirectly, in the business of the other, and

(B) the transferor has divested itself of all interest in the beer so transferred and the transferee has accepted responsibility for payment of the tax.

(b) Transfer of liability for tax. For purposes of subsection (a)(3), such relief from liability shall be effective from the time of removal from the transferor’s premises, or from the time of divestment of interest, whichever is later.

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