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Sec. 6053 Reporting of tips

  • Internal Revenue Code of 1986
  • Chapter 61 -- Information and Returns
  • Subchapter A -- Returns and Records
  • Part III -- Informational Returns
  • Subpart C -- Information regarding wages paid employees

(a) Reports by employees. Every employee who, in the course of his employment by an employer, receives in any calendar month tips which are wages (as defined in section 3121(a) or section 3401(a)) or which are compensation (as defined in section 3231(e)) shall report all such tips in one or more written statements furnished to his employer on or before the 10th day following such month. Such statements shall be furnished by the employee under such regulations, at such other times before such 10th day, and in such form and manner, as may be prescribed by the Secretary.

(b) Statements furnished by employers. If the tax imposed by section 3101 or section 3201 (as the case may be) with respect to tips reported by an employee pursuant to subsection (a) exceeds the tax which can be collected by the employer pursuant to section 3102 or section 3202 (as the case may be), the employer shall furnish to the employee a written statement showing the amount of such excess. The statement required to be furnished pursuant to this subsection shall be furnished at such time, shall contain such other information, and shall be in such form as the Secretary may by regulations prescribe. When required by such regulations, a duplicate of any such statement shall be filed with the Secretary.

(c) Reporting requirements relating to certain large food or beverage establishments.

(1) Report to Secretary. In the case of a large food or beverage establishment, each employer shall report to the Secretary, at such time and manner as the Secretary may prescribe by regulation, the following information with respect to each calendar year:

(A) The gross receipts of such establishment from the provision of food and beverages (other than nonallocable receipts).

(B) The aggregate amount of charge receipts (other than nonallocable receipts).

(C) The aggregate amount of charged tips shown on such charge receipts.

(D) The sum of--

(i) the aggregate amount reported by employees to the employer under subsection (a), plus

(ii) the amount the employer is required to report under section 6051 with respect to service charges of less than 10 percent.

(E) With respect to each employee, the amount allocated to such employee under paragraph (3).

(2) Furnishing of statement to employees. Each employer described in paragraph (1) shall furnish, in such manner as the Secretary may prescribe by regulations, to each employee of the large food or beverage establishment a written statement for each calendar year showing the following information:

(A) The name and address of such employer.

(B) The name of the employee.

(C) The amount allocated to the employee under paragraph (3) for all payroll periods ending within the calendar year.

Any statement under this paragraph shall be furnished to the employee during January of the calendar year following the calendar year for which such statement is made.

(3) Employee allocation of 8 percent of gross receipts.

(A) In general. For purposes of paragraphs (1)(E) and (2)(C), the employer of a large food or beverage establishment shall allocate (as tips for purposes of the requirements of this subsection) among employees performing services during any payroll period who customarily receive tip income an amount equal to the excess of--

(i) 8 percent of the gross receipts (other than nonallocable receipts) of such establishment for the payroll period, over

(ii) the aggregate amount reported by such employees to the employer under subsection (a) for such period.

(B) Method of allocation. The employer shall allocate the amount under subparagraph (A)--

(i) on the basis of a good faith agreement by the employer and the employees, or

(ii) in the absence of an agreement under clause (i), in the manner determined under regulations prescribed by the Secretary.

(C) The Secretary may lower the percentage required to be allocated. Upon the petition of the employer or the majority of employees of such employer, the Secretary may reduce (but not below 2 percent) the percentage of gross receipts required to be allocated under subparagraph (A) where he determines that the percentage of gross receipts constituting tips is less than 8 percent.

(4) Large food or beverage establishment. For purposes of this subsection, the term "large food or beverage establishment" means any trade or business (or portion thereof)--

(A) which provides food or beverages,

(B) with respect to which the tipping of employees serving food or beverages by customers is customary, and

(C) which normally employed more than 10 employees on a typical business day during the preceding calendar year.

For purposes of subparagraph (C), rules similar to the rules of subsections (a) and (b) of section 52 shall apply under regulations prescribed by the Secretary, and an individual who owns 50 percent or more in value of the stock of the corporation operating the establishment shall not be treated as an employee.

(5) Employer not to be liable for wrong allocations. The employer shall not be liable to any person if any amount is improperly allocated under paragraph (3)(B) if such allocation is done in accordance with the regulations prescribed under paragraph (3)(B).

(6) Nonallocable receipts defined. For purposes of this subsection, the term "nonallocable receipts" means receipts which are allocable to--

(A) carryout sales, or

(B) services with respect to which a service charge of 10 percent or more is added.

(7) Application to new businesses. The Secretary shall prescribe regulations for the application of this subsection to new businesses.

(8) Certified professional employer organizations. For purposes of any report required by this subsection, in the case of a certified professional employer organization that is treated under section 3511 as the employer of a work site employee, the customer with respect to whom a work site employee performs services shall be the employer for purposes of reporting under this section and the certified professional employer organization shall furnish to the customer and the Secretary any information the Secretary prescribes as necessary to complete such reporting no later than such time as the Secretary shall prescribe.

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