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Your time is valuable to your company, and knowledge is at a premium. You need to make quick decisions using up-to-date, accurate information to compete in a crowded landscape. Knowing the difference between right and wrong data, can save your company time and money — and give you an edge over your competition.
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News is prioritized for impact, with informative headlines and abstracts. Daily summary emails and latest news alerts are pushed in real time so you can be the first to know.


Providing content by tax professionals, for tax professionals, Tax Notes does tax, and only tax — and has done so for 50 years.


Tax Notes delivers news alongside analysis, commentary, and even research — with direct links to almost any tax-related document imaginable.

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Our reporters are constantly traveling to conferences to make sure we keep our subscribers aware of any important news or developments. Let Tax Notes attend for you!

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We can provide the full picture of tax developments over time. Trace the first germ of an idea all the way through to implementation as tax policy.

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Every week Tax Notes publishes up to a dozen thought-provoking commentary pieces, each with a unique perspective.

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Our comprehensive suite of tax resources is customizable according to the unique needs of your team. Contact us today to build your ideal subscription to Tax Notes. 

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“This is a vital subscription enabling us to do our job for the Company.  It’s not a “nice to have” item, it provides a great deal of information which ultimately helps us keep abreast of tax positions which can mitigate the Company’s tax liabilities”.

Senior Vice President, Global Tax Reporting and Operations
What Customers Are Saying About Tax Notes

“Some people enjoy a donut with their coffee, I enjoy my coffee with Tax Notes.”

J.D. Naranjo
Tax Manager, Dealerware