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Marie Sapirie argues that the major issue regarding the child tax credit remains whether and for how long the advance child tax credit for 2021 enacted in the American Rescue Plan Act will be extended.
Margaret Ryznar suggests using tax law to encourage people to execute wills, arguing that the coronavirus pandemic revealed the importance of estate planning.
Marie Sapirie argues that the IRS should make clear to any outside service provider that is collecting information from taxpayers on behalf of the agency that it should use that information only for the purpose of providing the service that it’s being asked to provide.
President Biden's corporate tax plans would make major revisions -- or outright reversals -- of several key provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Several panelists joined Tax Analysts President and CEO Cara Griffith for a June 16 "Taxing Issues" webinar focusing on the costs, benefits, and tradeoffs of those plans.