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Sec. 1.904(g)-0 Outline of regulation provisions.

This section lists the headings for §§ 1.904(g)-1 through 1.904(g)-3.

§ 1.904(g)-1 Overall domestic loss and the overall domestic loss account.

(a) Overview of regulations.

(b) Overall domestic loss accounts.

(1) In general.

(2) Taxable year in which overall domestic loss is sustained.

(c) Determination of a taxpayer's overall domestic loss.

(1) Overall domestic loss defined.

(2) Domestic loss defined.

(3) Qualified taxable year defined.

(4) Method of allocation and apportionment of deductions.

(d) Additions to overall domestic loss accounts.

(1) General rule.

(2) Overall domestic loss of another taxpayer.

(3) Adjustments for capital gains and losses.

(e) Reductions of overall domestic loss accounts.

(1) Pre-recapture reduction for amounts allocated to other taxpayers.

(2) Reduction for amounts recaptured.

(f) Effective/applicability date.

§ 1.904(g)-2 Recapture of overall domestic losses.

(a) In general.

(b) Determination of U.S. source taxable income for purposes of recapture.

(c) Section 904(g)(1) recapture.

(d) Effective/applicability date.

§ 1.904(g)-3 Ordering rules for the allocation of net operating losses, net capital losses, U.S. source losses, and separate limitation losses, and for the recapture of separate limitation losses, overall foreign losses, and overall domestic losses.

(a) In general.

(b) Step One: Allocation of net operating loss and net capital loss carryovers.

(1) In general.

(2) Full net operating loss carryover.

(3) Partial net operating loss carryover.

(4) Net capital loss carryovers.

(c) Step Two: Section 904(b) adjustments.

(d) Step Three: Allocation of separate limitation losses.

(e) Step Four: Allocation of U.S. source losses.

(f) Step Five: Recapture of overall foreign loss accounts.

(g) Step Six: Recapture of separate limitation loss accounts.

(h) Step Seven: Recapture of overall domestic loss accounts.

(i) Step Eight: Dispositions under section 904(f)(3) in which gain would not otherwise be recognized.

(j) [Reserved].

(k) Examples.

(l) Applicability date.

[Added by T.D. 9371, 72 FR 72592-72606, Dec. 21, 2007, as amended by T.D. 9595, 77 FR 37576-37587, June 22, 2012; T.D. 9882, 84 FR 69022-69123, Dec. 17, 2019; corrected at 85 FR 29323, May 15, 2020.]

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